Community Registry and Health Information Exchange.

TRAVERSE HEALTH CLINIC may participate in one or more health information exchanges (“HIE”) and may
electronically share your medical information for treatment, payment, and health care operations
purposes with other participants in the HIEs.
For example, TRAVERSE HEALTH CLINIC participates in a Community Registry (“Registry”) operated by
Northern Physicians Organization, Inc. (“NPO”). This Registry facilitates the electronic exchange
of health information between health care providers participating in this Registry for patient
treatment, health care operations, and other legally permissible purposes.
This Registry is a tool that we and others involved in your care can use to carry out your
treatment and engage in activities to help manage your care such as coordinating your care,
conducting quality assessment and improvement activities, and related planning and management
activities that do not include treatment.
To the extent permitted by law, we may disclose your medical information through the Registry to
others involved in your care, which may include other doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, or insurance
companies. We may also receive your medical information through the Registry that was created by
your other health care providers.
Your participation in the HIEs is voluntary and subject to your right to opt- out. If you opt out,
your medical information will no longer be accessible through the HIEs in which we participate, but
your opt-out does not affect the information that was disclosed through an HIE before you opted
Revised: 12/04/2013, Updated for Traverse Health Clinic: 4/17/2016